In August 1993, Chris Davis did the unthinkable - go to a single adult dance. Chris was about to leave -- never to return -- when he was coaxed to come back the next week. When he reluctantly returned, Chris was pleasantly surprised when he was introduced to Patty Anne Freese. Chris eventually was able to convince Patty to go out on a date, not due to any of his personal attributes, but merely because he had season tickets to the ballet. A year of dating later, Patty finally agreed to marry Chris on January 3, 1995.

Chris and Patty were very happy, but something was missing. After years of waiting, Heavenly Father answered their prayers with a son. Chris and Patty, due to a directionally challenged stork, literally had to travel all the way around the world (in two trips) to find their son in Vladivostock, Russia. Chris, Patty and their new son Dallin were sealed as an eternal family in the Las Vegas Temple in September 2002.

But that is just the beginning . . . . Here you can join Chris, Patty and Dallin Davis in all of their future amazing adventures!